Apprentice Taster Days at Ginkgo Gardens

Apprentice Taster Days

At Ginkgo Gardens we want to help motivated young people find a profession in the horticultural industry. There are hundreds of opportunities available – from gardeners to soil scientists and park rangers to plant breeders – and we want

What We Are Up To

As always Ginkgo Gardens has had a busy month of meeting new clients, taking on new projects, working on an exciting new venture in Surrey and of course gardening! Here are just a few of the exciting things we

Potting Up Season at Chobham

March is officially the end of planting season – for serious gardeners! At Ginkgo Gardens’ nursery in Chobham, the team have been busy potting up young bedding plants to persuade them to grow later in the season. These plants

Ginkgo Gardens Designs Stylish Garden and Roof Terrace for new development in Notting Hill

Leading garden landscapers, Ginkgo Gardens, have recently finished two stunning gardens in a three-storey, terraced London townhouse developed by Alchemi.  Starting with the courtyard on the lower ground floor, the team transformed the space into an attractive patio with

Top Tips on What To Consider When Designing A Garden

Designing a garden can be a very personal venture, as each of us will consider different elements key to creating a blissful haven from the busy pace of everyday life. Whilst you may have a good idea of exactly


At all times during the winter months there is a danger of frost. Taking precautionary measures will protect tender plants from exposure to cold temperatures and subsequent damage. Here are our tips to help you decide which method is


Flowers for Autumn and Winter

As the ideal space for relaxing and entertaining, the garden is always a popular destination in the summer months. However as the autumn season draws in many of us tend to neglect our gardens, unaware of the wonderful array

Top Tips for Winter Proofing your Garden

The colder days and nights have well and truly arrived! And although the garden may be an oasis to most during the summer months, winter gardening can be surprisingly satisfying despite the colder climate. By following these top tips

small garden design

Small garden design

Small garden design issues Designing small gardens can seem like a rather large and daunting task. What shall I put where? How will anyone see it/them? What if there’s no room for playing, relaxing, eating? With an apparent lack

choose garden design style

Garden design style

Deciding on a garden design style Deciding on a garden design style can be overwhelming and eventually even off-putting. The sheer range of choice can begin to consume us and we may find that the weeks go on and

Autumn garden plants

With relaxed August now upon us, it’s an ideal time to be thinking about fall garden care and putting some exciting autumn garden plants into the soil. Even if your garden appears in full bloom now, it’d be a

Tents about town

It is always helpful to get to know the residents and promote the Horticultural values of their estate and Tents about Town do just that! We tour around London with our Gazebos and set up camp at a designated


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