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Garden design style

Deciding on a garden design style

Deciding on a garden design style can be overwhelming and eventually even off-putting. The sheer range of choice can begin to consume us and we may find that the weeks go on and on without laying any solid garden design style plans. Well we’re here to help!

In today’s blog we’re going to help you narrow down your options when deciding on a garden design style and help you to choose a garden design style which suits your garden type and which can become a reality rather than a headache. Designing a garden can and should be an exciting development in your home-life, so ramp up the energy!

Choose your garden design inspiration

Rather than staring wilfully at your now barren, neglected garden and trying to visualise various different plans in your mind, it’s always easier to look at other successful gardens and note down what you like. Here are some things to think about:

Shape and contour: each garden is unique, no matter the plot of land it sits upon. Thinking about the garden ‘journey,’ from viewpoint through to entry when designing a garden will help you to create a particular feel in your outdoor space that invites people in.

Hard and soft landscaping: If you’re happy with the stone or lawn design as it is, great! If not, you may want to consider how modifying the landscaping can bring not only easier or more aesthetic access but it may benefit the health of your garden and attract wildlife where it was lacking.

Colour and texture: Planting is the most fun part of any garden design (we agree!) and a great challenge is mixing up the textures and creating a really eye-catching and experiential view. From shrubs and plants to larger trees and vines, keep an open mind when choosing your garden design plantation.

Water features: A fantastic way to attract both wildlife and admiration from visitors is to add a water feature. It takes a good deal of planning (we stress below!) but water features are easier to install than you may think and, as long as you’re committed to maintaining them, they’ll bring a fairytale element to any garden design.

Access and maintenance: Now this is the foundation on which rests all of the above! We would never advocate a garden design without careful consideration of access and maintenance, as it is these two aspects that mean a short or long life for your garden design.

Garden style…that works for your garden!

Working with what you’ve got is an essential part of designing a garden that will bring year-round pleasure. If you have experienced soil issues in the past, such as a heavy clay soil for example, you must keep the soil type in mind when choosing your garden style as some plants will not thrive and others will suffer. On the other hand, with hard and soft landscaping, you may need to consider structural issues. A few more things to consider are irrigation needs, lighting, and as we keenly mention above, access and maintenance.

All these aspects may seem to limit your options however with careful attention, you can really design a garden that’s balanced, beautiful and easy to maintain throughout the year. Why not have a look at Gingko Gardens’ case studies for inspiration. We have successfully brought vibrancy, colour and easy functionality to a wide range of both small and large domestic and business gardens. We pride ourselves on making sure your garden design is not only beautiful but also sustainable.

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