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Front garden design starts with an assessment of the site: its needs, its current state, and its potential challenges. Ginkgo Gardens will perform a full front garden analysis, which let’s you consider all the possibilities and limitations. We can then agree a time-schedule for the works and you can help us with the fun bits like choosing colourful plants and trees.

What kinds of front garden design are there?

  • Front garden design for a school or office – give a friendlier, or more professional, impression with a low-cost, tidy and inviting design
  • Fences, walls, walkways and lighting – improve access to the house, garage, school or office
  • Multi-functional design– to discreetly accommodate rubbish bins, bikes, and scooters or add privacy to exposed ground-level windows
  • Coloured and textured – jam-packed with attractive plants and flowers to wow guests and clients
  • Shady or sunny patios and decking – climate-appropriate designs give you a great space to work, relax, or entertain


What should I consider when planning a front garden design-and-build?

Regular access during the project is vital, but that doesn’t have to mean ‘back-door only’ inconvenience. Ginkgo Gardens will plan to do the work at the most convenient times and we’re always sensitive to your access requirements. We work to ensure minimum disruption and our contracts are comprehensible and predictable.

Get in touch with Ginkgo Gardens now to discuss your front garden design. We can also provide front garden makeovers, tidy-ups, or improvements for existing designs.

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