Roof Terrace Design London


At Ginkgo we design alluring and convenient rooftop terraces taking into account all rooftop terrace design considerations including access, ergonomic and comfort factors and easy long-term maintenance.

Popular Features for a Roof Terrace Design

  • Decking or paving
  • Exotic and lush container planting
  • Raised beds and benches
  • Dining areas
  • Water features and irrigation
  • In-built storage
  • Stylish lighting


Roof Terrace Design in London and the South East

Ginkgo Gardens have designed rooftop terraces in places that seemed impossible to access, never mind renovate! We can work with your roof space, no matter how difficult.

Contact us about your plans, and we will come by and perform a detailed site visit. We will assess the space and design a plan in line with the practical requirements. We will also confirm your budget for the project and propose the best possible design-and-build process to prevent cost overrun.


Roof Terrace Design for Homes, Companies or Public Buildings

Whether the design is for an individual home or an office, we can create an impressive roof terrace that provides you with an outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come. Stuck for inspiration? Have a look at our portfolio to see some of the great rooftop terrace designs we’ve created.

If you want to transform your roof space into a beautiful terrace or garden, get in touch with us here.

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