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Lawn turfing

Well-planned, expert turfing can give you a beautiful, weed-free lawn that is neat, regular and easy to maintain. All our Ginkgo specialists need to do is have a good look at your garden on our site visit and plan where and how the lawn turfing will be possible for the best effect. We provide a range of different lawn turf depending on the desired effects and maintenance needs.



Arguably the most exciting part of a landscape or gardening project, planting adds the all important colour and texture to a garden and makes it ready for visitors. You may already have an idea of which plants, flowers, trees or shrubs you’d love to have in your garden however we can help you make the complete picture a desirable reality and show you how to maintain it in the future.


Garden irrigation

Whilst some of you might be right in thinking that our UK climate negates the need for garden irrigation, there are still times when it’s completely necessary to adequately sustain garden life such as during a holiday period, lengthy absence or when establishing a new planting scheme.

There are various irrigation system types on the market, from the basic ‘leaky hose’ to micro-drip and sprays, as well as more complex automated ones. All of these can be linked to a timer and fitted in an unobtrusive manner. UK hosepipe bans are an occasional obstacle however we do not promote the excessive use of water and can also advise you on rainwater harvesting.

Considering sprucing up the garden with a lawn, some fresh plants or an effective irrigation system? Get in touch with Ginkgo now to find out your options and start planning for an improved outdoor area.


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