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On-going garden irrigation is a consideration often over-looked by those of us making a plan for a front or back garden or for a business property. This may be because it’s perhaps the least interesting part of planning; especially in a country that year on year has more than a bit of rainfall! However, it’s the key to easily and naturally preserving beautiful plant life and maintaining the visual aesthetic you’ve come to enjoy every day.

What kind of gardens and landscapes need on-going garden irrigation?

All plant-life needs watering often, as we well know however just to give you an idea of when garden irrigation is particularly important in the UK:

  • Growing a lawn – it’s well-known but fresh turf and struggling dry or weedy lawns, especially during the summer, will need plenty of water to thrive
  • During the dry seasons – you can time your irrigation system to provide water during a holiday absence or when the weather is unusually dry (it happens!)
  • Feeding particular vegetation or crops – some trees need gallons of water a day and certainly if you’re home-growing your own shrubs and vegetables, they’ll need special attention


How does garden irrigation work?

There are various garden irrigation types on the market, from the basic ‘leaky hose’ to micro-drip and sprays, as well as more complex automated ones. All of these can be linked to a timer and fitted without obstructing access or reducing enjoyment of the space. UK hosepipe bans are an occasional obstacle however we do not promote excessive use of water and can also advise you on rainwater harvesting.

Considering sprucing up the garden with an effective garden irrigation system?

Get in touch with Ginkgo now to find out how we can help and start planning for an improved outdoor area.


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