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Garden Design Ideas London

When people think of what’s possible for their own garden, their thinking tends to become more and more limited by maintenance and UK weather limitation worries. ‘I’d

Garden Design Process

We have a keen set of ears as well as skilled green fingers! At this stage we ask a fair few questions to get a real sense of the vision, weigh up possibilities against the budget, evaluate landscape


Lawn Turfing London

Well-planned, expert turfing can give you a beautiful, weed-free lawn that is neat, regular and easy to maintain. All our Ginkgo specialists need to do is have a good look at your garden on

Wholesale Plant Supplies

Plant wholesale is a healthy side-shoot of the business. We grow approximately 25,000 plants each year at our Nursery in Chobham, nr Woking in Surrey. We specialise in growing


Tree Surgery London

You may already have some idea of what needs to be done however it helps to have in mind a clear description of the different ways to tend to a tree including preserving the life of a tree, strengthening

Grounds Maintenance London

Once we have performed a site visit and fully assessed the on-going grounds maintenance requirements, we can agree a budget and time schedule for your contract. The next bit is to

Garden Irrigation Systems London

On-going irrigation is a consideration often over-looked by those of us making a plan for a front or back garden or for a business property. This may be because it’s perhaps the least

Playground design London

We offer a free initial consultation to assess the playground requirements followed by the production of fully scaled plan drawings and elevations. After another meeting to iron out


Garden Makeover London

At Ginkgo Gardens we can help transform your current garden into an attractive and enjoyable space with surprisingly little planning and cost and with low-maintenance in mind.


Terrace and Deck Design London

Decking and terraces can raise quite a few concerns about space however even the smallest of outdoor environments can be made into an enviably stylish and functional

Artificial Lawn Installation for Home, Business, and School Playground

Artificial lawns can be placed on a wide range of surfaces in a number of different environments. Their low-cost, low-maintenance quality makes them ideal for business centre courtyards


Garden Fencing London

Whatever your fencing requirements, our projects are meticulously planned and scaled down to the cm. We also ensure an all-important key feature: strength! Our fencing and

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