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Ginkgo Gardens has been servicing driveways using resin bound surfacing for a number of years and can guarantee you a long-lasting driveway, footpath or access road. We are approved installers of Sureset resin bound surfaces and permeable paving and can also advise you on the best course of action to resurface or repair an existing driveway or footpath.


What are the benefits of resin surfacing and in what locations?

  • For schools and public buildings – low-maintenance, durable and frost resistant, resin surfacing is solvent and odour free
  • For home driveways and footpaths – free-draining and compliant with the latest planning laws, it also comes in a range of colours
  • For flat roofs, balconies and patios – standard and UV resistant versions are available
  • For access roads and landscape projects – environmentally friendly resin surfacing is a permeable surface making it ideal for landscape projects requiring protection of the land underneath and to add neat style to exteriors
  • For tree pits – ideal for areas around trees, which need a free-draining and flexible material to accommodate future tree growth


How does resin surfacing work?

Small aggregate or gravel is coated in resin in a specialist mixer and spread by hand to give a smooth, elegant and easy to clean surface. Natural gravels are available in different sizes- from 6mm to 20mm. For a different effect, artificially coloured rounded glass chips can be used to provide a bright surface for play areas.

Not sure what kind of surface to opt for?

Get in touch with Ginkgo now and speak to one of our specialists about your forecourt or driveway resurfacing requirements.


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