Flowers for Autumn and Winter


Flowers for Autumn and Winter

As the ideal space for relaxing and entertaining, the garden is always a popular destination in the summer months. However as the autumn season draws in many of us tend to neglect our gardens, unaware of the wonderful array of autumnal garden plants on offer.

Ginkgo Gardens Director Dan Curran shares his insight: “Autumn and Winter really can be the best times of year for your garden so get creative and broaden your garden design to include more colour and texture. Here are a selection of my favourite autumn flowers and some top tips on how best to care for them.”


These stunning flowers are known for their bold colour and romantic vibrancy. Flowering late in the summer and into autumn, Dahlias will also bring an interesting texture to your garden.

Gardening tip: Select a planting site with morning sunlight.


Gladeolus Murielae

Blossoming late in summer and into the autumn, these elegant and delicate flowers are beautifully fragrant.

Gardening tip: Remember to lift the corms as the grassy foliage dies back. They prefer to spend winter in a cool, dry shed rather than face the cold outside.


Autumn roses

An enduring classic, Roses are a beautiful and amorous flower to grow in the garden. Available in a range of hues, this plant will remain a popular choice due to its delicate shape and colour popping form.

Gardening tip: Water this plant deeply and use water-soluble fertilisers too.


Sedum plant

With rounded clusters of small, pale purplish-pink flowers, this plant provides great colour coverage in the garden. Flourishing in late summer, this plant has deep purple leaves on dark red stems and is also known as the purple emperor.

Gardening tip: This plant grows best when the soil isn’t over-enriched; if it’s too fertile, the stems will go soft and sappy.


A mixture of Cyclamen Coum and Snowdrops

These two look like long-lost friends together and never fail to impress. Providing the striking effect of a wild garden design, these delicate plants can also work alongside one another to provide complementing contrasting shades.

Gardening tip: Both enjoy a damper soil, thriving in moist shade beneath the trees. Cast the bulbs liberally for a natural woodland feel.

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