Our Case Studies

Contemporary Garden Design London

Here you will find information on the contemporary garden projects we have previously worked on, as well as current running projects.

Family Garden Designers London

We love transforming outdoor space into families’ dream gardens. See our case studies for information on the projects we’ve recently completed.

Courtyard Garden Design London

Our garden designers have worked on a wide range of courtyard gardens. For further details of their experience, please see the relevant case studies.

Formal Garden Design London

We have worked with a wide range of business clients that required formal gardens. Take a look at our case studies to find out more about the projects we have successfully completed.

Roof Garden Design London

Today more and more people require our roof gardening services. To find out more about roof gardens and the projects we have worked on, take a look at our case studies.

City Garden Design London

Interested in city gardens? Find out more about the city garden projects we have worked on by reading through our case studies.

Budget garden design

Here you will find budget gardens case studies, detailing information about some of the projects we have previously worked on.

Communal Garden Design London

Developing a communal garden? Find out more information about the communal garden projects we have completed by reading our recent case studies.

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