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When people choose the design of their garden, they often let worries about maintenance and the weather limit their ambition. ‘I’d love a palm tree but…’ or, ‘I’d love a rock garden to be the central feature, but…’ This is especially true if they’ve have garden planning or maintenance problems in the past.

Effective, elegant garden designs are always based on thorough knowledge and experience of how gardens thrive and function: this is where Ginkgo can help.

Imaginative Garden Design

When it comes to designing a garden, you may want to settle for a ‘classic’ design or something plain which caters for entertaining. We will show you that so-called ‘challenging’ gardens are achievable with a reasonable budget. We love to push boundaries, but we’ll always be honest and frank about what kind of maintenance is required. Here are some of the many garden design ideas and concepts we’ve used:

  • Romantic, nostalgic, or traditional ‘country cottage’
  • Geometric ‘pocket gardens’; calming minimalist, or exotic and tropical
  • ‘Lush and wild’ inspired
  • Side-street plans or high-functioning home/garage/outhouse combo plans
  • Rock gardens and water features
  • Multi-inspiration gardens


Dynamic, Multi-functional Garden Ideas

A beautiful garden can be comfortable and useful! Whether you want to admire your ‘Captain Cook’ Callistemon Viminalis from the comfort of a decked patio, or align your abundant herb garden with a convenient walk-way, innovative garden design can make this happen. Privacy, space for dining and entertaining, and child-friendly options can all be part of the brief.

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